I offer body-centered therapy to help facilitate change and create deeper connection in your life.

My approach blends traditional aspects of therapy such as focusing on the therapeutic relationship that is built on trust, open communication, empathy and support, with experiential techniques, mindfulness and body focused strategies.

What will a typical session look like?

To support thoughtful exploration and healing a session may include – talking through important life experiences, thoughts and limiting beliefs to help build awareness and insight. conscious awareness of the body and mind, through tracking sensations, images, feelings and thoughts. deep listening to encourage the wisdom of the body and self to show up. guided intentional movement such as supportive gestures. welcoming in spontaneous and intuitive movement. guided breathing practices and meditation.

The sessions are collaborative. At the beginning of our work together we will discuss what you are open to and what feels most supportive of your treatment and goals. I’ll support you in creating a safe container to process whatever surfaces and cultivate direct personal experiences of feeling secure, resourced and relaxed. Each session will meet you exactly where you are. There is no predetermined path to take, your personal cues and signals will help direct us. Creating a trusting and encouraging environment is a top priority. I am a guide that walks along side of you offering ideas, support and direction however honoring your natural ability and aliveness (even when those feel missing, we together, will uncover it).

Overall, together we will identify core beliefs and personal patterns that impact dissatisfaction in your life. Patterns in both our thinking and body can trap us in a cycle of automatic responses and at a distance from the life we want. I focus on helping you slow these down, tune in, and take real steps to transform.

“You were not responsible for the stressful circumstances that shaped your brain and worldview, but you can take responsibility now”. – Gabor Mate

We can take solid steps to feel less impacted by the past and find a greater capacity to enjoy life in the present.

Each of us are our own greatest teacher. Through individual work we support this journey of self-discovery and healing.