Start to live a meaningful life.

Do you continue to feel lost no matter what stage of life you are in? Do you long for more meaning and purpose in your work or life? Do you continue to long for something different; hoping the next accomplishment, job, relationship, car, [fill in the blank] will finally help you feel settled, accomplished and happy?

Stress in our daily lives and searching for something else to make us happy, contributes significantly to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. We can override personal desires and miss opportunities to touch into our hearts to identify what is truly calling to us. I can help you get more intentional in your daily life and capture what inspires and motivates you. Living with intention and meaning starts by slowing down, listening more deeply and uncovering personal values. Life becomes profoundly different when we make intentional choices that are grounded in our values, desires and purpose. Potential ways I can help in our work together include:

  • Build mindfulness practices that help you slow down and check in on a regular basis.
  • Explore and elaborate on what brings you the most joy, ease, inspiration and sense of belonging in your life.
  • Identify barriers to achieving a sense of purpose and meaningful existence.
  • Support self exploration, curiosity and compassion to clarify personal values and desires.
  • Become clear on action steps to move you closer to the people and things you care about.

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