Connect to your body and increase satisfaction in intimacy, sex and relationships

Does being present and connected to your body and physical sensations result in discomfort, fear and something you often avoid? Are there ways you guard yourself from vulnerability and truly connecting to others? Do you long for closeness and connection, yet have difficulty getting close? Do you sometimes override important needs and responses, leading to unsettling relational experiences?

Healthier connection to others

Our body and nervous system is incredibly powerful. Lingering effects from early childhood experiences, trauma, stress and negative life experience can interfere with our desired closeness to others. There may be additional challenges to connection such as our ability to feel vulnerable enough to see and be seen, trust in ourselves and others, and a lack of overall safety. Including the body in the therapeutic process, through somatic experiencing and yoga, can be a powerful way to heal and recover. Together we can:

  • Identify and explore what your true “yes” and “no” is in relation to receiving and giving to others.
  • Establish healthy boundaries.
  • Become more familiar and tolerant of personal signals of comfort, relaxation and pleasant experiences.
  • Identify and respond to perceived threats and activation in the body (excitement, fear, anxiety) to establish a greater sense of ease and confidence.
  • Increase body awareness and communication with the internal landscape to create more comfort in the body, self-esteem, and control.
  • Create more fulfilling and meaningful relationships.


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