Move past unhealthy behaviors and addictions that are keeping you from the life you really want.

Do you return to substance use and other unhealthy behaviors to cope with difficult life experiences and often find yourself at an overwhelmed, lost, and hopeless place? Do you have the desire to make important changes, but have difficulty moving past these old behaviors? Are you tired of choosing painful choices? But a different kind of life feels out of reach?

Addiction significantly impacts lives and is one of the biggest battles we can face. It is a powerful cycle that results in feeling lost in shame, guilt, loneliness and heartache. It does not have to take over your life anymore and life does not need to be this hard. Write a new story. By addressing underlying issues related to trauma, depression, anxiety, and self worth while increasing skills to safely cope and regulate, we start to weaken the pull of the addictive behavior. We start to live a life more aligned with our values that has meaning and purpose.

Powerful change does happen. And I can help. In our work together we may focus on:
  • Offer support and accountability in early recovery efforts and identify next steps for continued long term happiness.
  • Uncover reasons you use drugs and alcohol – what pain, memories, experiences are you coping from? What are you seeking? We often find addiction is a solution to deal with other issues. When we address these deeper issues and start living an intentional life addictive behaviors lose much of their power.
  • Guide you in feeling more capable of experiencing discomfort and unpleasant emotions.  This paves the way for profound growth that comes with accepting all of life’s emotions including joy, happiness, grief, sorrow, anger.
  • Establish healthier ways of managing stress.
  • Repair current relationships.
  • Identify personal motivation and drive for creating the life you want free from addiction and unhealthy behaviors.
  • Work closely with the nervous system to respond appropriately to triggers, cravings, and periods of high activation including fear, anxiety, and anger. Help you learn ways to settle and return to a place that feels secure, safe and confident.
  • Identify and take steps towards the people and things you care most about. Help you build a meaningful and purposeful life to create lasting change.

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