When we get more comfortable in our body and increase presence in our life we can find greater happiness, confidence and ease. We can learn and establish thoughtful easy steps towards finding peace, even in the face of life’s greatest challenges and chaos.

Potential benefits of therapy and our work together include:
  • Establish daily practices to regulate mood and better manage symptoms of stress, which will decrease accumulated stress and promote more ease, happiness and comfort.
  • More intimately understand your signals of stress and activation, as well as experiences of comfort and pleasure to help decrease the impact of unpleasant experiences.
  • Provide mindfulness practices that are instrumental in more frequent and powerful experiences of relaxation, peace and stability.
  • Learn tools and strengthen nervous system regulation so you can face challenges (good and bad) with confidence and ease.
  • Become clearer on internal messages that support anxiety to decrease the impact they have on you and change how you respond.
  • Find ways to be more receptive to the support in your life.
  • Overall, create/connect to a place within yourself that feels strong, supported, calm and grounded that helps responding to daily stress and decreases unpleasant symptoms.

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