Recover from your past and reclaim your power, purpose and joy

Do you continue to move through life with deep wounds from early childhood experiences controlling your relationships, behaviors and satisfaction in life? Does it feel like your body is on overdrive – tense, fearful, unsafe, unrested – like it sometimes has a mind of it’s own and is totally out of your control? Are you finding that you respond to present experiences in a way that feels automatic and overpowering? At times life feels paralyzing and life’s pleasures feel out of reach?

Recovering from trauma can be an overwhelming and scary journey. Therefore considering where to start can feel like too much. It can often feel like no one possibly understands what you are going through. Yet you consider seeking support because the suffering and repeated cycle of living this way continues to cause pain. Let me help you. Our work together will aim to help you experience some of the following shifts:

  • Respect your limitations and begin processing past memories/experience in a way that feels manageable and safe. Our goals is to ALWAYS empower you. Therefore, the therapeutic work allows you to move at a pace that works for you.
  • Slow down personal distress signals and emotional activation (fears, anxieties, anger, sadness and how you feel it physically in the body) to facilitate understanding and change.
  • Release tension and return to a more stable place of ease and security.
  • Discover new ways of receiving support and pleasure.
  • Uncover limiting beliefs connected to past negative experiences. Increase more adaptive and strength building perspectives.
  • Train your body and mind to respond differently to stress.
  • Resolve past negative experiences and memories and reconnect to the present.
  • Strengthen current relationships, increase self love.

Whether you are curious to learn more or ready to make an appointment, contact me. I look forward to walking alongside of you in this incredible journey: